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Research Grant Recipients

Louis Agassiz Fuertes Award

Jennifer Amy Jacoby, Ohio State University, will study the relationship between genetic diversity and population growth in reintroduced Peregrine Falcon populations in five different regions. She wll study current members of these regional populations and those that founded them using measures of allelic diversity by comparing their respective DNA microsatellites and single-locus minisatellites

Margaret Morse Nice Award

David R. Fouts, will investigate artificial nest preference for the purpose of expanding Purple Martin populations along the Columbia River in Oregon

Paul A. Stewart Awards

Anna-Marie Barber, Masters student at the University of Alaska, will investigate the difference in timing of spring and fall migrating passerines in interior Alaska

Matthew A. Etterson, Doctoral student at the Univesity of Minnesota, will attempt to determine if breeding and wintering Loggerhead Shrikes in southwest Oklahoma are individuals that exhibit distinct genetic and morphologic differences

Andrew A. Kinsey, Masters student at Georgia Southern University, is investigating the temporal and spatial variation in abundance of migrants at Kennesaw Mountain, Georgia

Paul G. Rodewald, Doctoral student at Pennsylvania State University, is studying habitat use and selection of migrating neotropical migrants in central Pennsylvania

Bonnie E. Stout, Doctoral student at Simon Fraser University, is investigating habitat use by three grebe species (Aechmophorus occidentalis, Podiceps auritus, and P. grisegena) i coastal southwest British Columbia

A total of 66 candidates submitted proposals.

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