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Research Grant Recipients

Louis Agassiz Fuertes Award

Ryan Norris, Queen's University: "Linking events of the annual cycle in a long-distance migratory bird using stable-carbon isotopes"

Hall/Mayfield Award

Liliana Naves, Université Pierre et Marie Curie: "Female choice of young sperm in a monogamous bird: an experimental approach in Kittiwakes"

Paul A. Stewart Awards

Angela D. Anders, Pennsylvania State University: "Post-breeding and post-fledging habitat use and survival of Yellow-billed Cuckoos"

Suzanne Langridge, University of California, Santa Cruz: "Crying havoc on the slug and snail: effects of riparian restoration on trophic relationships of birds and arthropods in the agriculture-riparian interface"

Marc C. Pedersen, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee: "Extra-territorial movements of male and female Common Yellowthroats in relation to a male ornamental trait"

Daniel M. Scheiman, Purdue University: "Effects of field quality on dispersal rates of Bobolinks: a metapopulation approach"

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