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Research Grant Recipients

Louis Agassiz Fuertes Award

Stéphanie M. Doucet, Auburn University: "Female choice and sexual ornamentation in lekking Long-tailed Manakins, Chiroxiphia linearis: do females choose good genes?"

Hall/Mayfield Award

Felicity Newell: "Comparison of success and habitat for the Wood Thrush and American Robin in Southwestern Pennsylvania."

Paul A. Stewart Awards

Dustin R. Rubenstein, Cornell University: "Sexual conflict and extrapair paternity in the plural cooperatively breeding Superb Starling, Lamprotornis superbus"

Shannon N. Bouton, University of Michigan: "The effect of multiple environmental stressors on the physiology, behavior and development of nestling Cliff Swallows"

Courtney Murdock, University of Michigan: "Resource levels, parasite load, and reproduction in a wild population of Mountain White-crowned sparrows (Zonotrichia leucophrys oriantha) in Western Colorado"

Laura Henderson Spinney, Princeton University: "Hormonal mediation of alternative phenotypes in the White-throated Sparrow (Zonotrichia albicollis)"

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