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Research Grant Recipients


Louis Agassiz Fuertes Award

Andrés Cuervo, Louisiana State University: "The evolutionary assembly of a species rich avifauna: avian speciation and differentiation in the Andean cloud forest"

Hall/Mayfield Award

No award for 2008

Paul A. Stewart Awards

Anya Illes, University of Washington: "Do female stripe-headed sparrows outsing their mates during territorial incursions?"

Irene Liu, Duke University: "Female eavesdropping and male song type matching in a songbird"

Trina Schneider-Bayard, University of Connecticut: "Quantifying cues: testing the influence of social cues on habitat selection behavior"

Andrea Townsend, Cornell University: "Optimal dynamics of sociality, relatedness, and parasites in American crows: linking theoretical predictions with empirical data"

The Committee received 71 applications for the awards, from North America and four other countries outside North America (Argentina, Chile, Switzerland and Nepal).

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