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Research Grant Recipients


Louis Agassiz Fuertes Award

Gustavo Adolfo Londono
Gustavo Adolfo Londono

Gustavo Adolfo Londono, University of Florida and Florida Museum of Natural History: "Physiological and behavioral trade-offs in avian incubation rhythms along an Andean elevational gradient"


Hall/Mayfield Award

Spencer Hardy, Richmond Middle School, Norwich, VT: "Glaciers in Peru as high elevation nesting and roosting sites"



Paul A. Stewart Awards

Sara Kaiser, Washington State University: "Adaptive significance of plasticity in hormone-mediated avian reproductive behaviors"


Julie Jedlicka, University of California, Santa Cruz: "Integrating songbird conservation, community ecology, and insect pest management in California Vineyards"


Julie Jedlicka
Julie Jedlicka
Ray Danner
Ray Danner

Raymond Danner, Virginia Tech University: "Cross-seasonal natural and sexual selection in a short distance migrant"


Judit Ungvari-Martin, University of Florida and Florida Museum of Natural History: "Bird communities along a tropical soil productivity gradient: bottom-up effects examined by integrating ecology, behavior, and genetics"


The Committee received 109 applications for the awards, from North America and eight other countries outside North America.

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