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Research Grant Recipients


Louis Agassiz Fuertes Awards

Jessica Oswald, Department of Biology, University of Florida: "The biogeography of birds in Peruvian tropical dry forests"

Christopher Tonra, School of Biology and Ecology, University of Maine: "Determining the relative influence of environmental and endogenous factors on the transition from non-breeding to breeding in migratory songbirds"


Hall/Mayfield Award

Nanette Mickle , Woodbridge, Virginia: "Tracking long-distance songbird migration (Purple Martins) using geo-locators"



Paul A. Stewart Awards

Allison Cox, University of Missouri: "Natal dispersal of Red-bellied Woodpeckers in a fragmented landscape"

Allison Cox

Kira Delmore, University of British Columbia: "Divergent migratory behaviors as post-zygotic barriers to interbreeding in hybrid zones"


Luke L. Powell, Louisiana State University: "Using home range estimates and 30 years of mist-net captures to determine the effect of land use history on dispersal of Amazonian birds"

Luke Powell
Luke Powell

Barry Robinson, University of Alberta: "Arctic peregrine falcons as indicators of trophic dynamics in coastal ecosystems"


Taza Schaming, Cornell University: "The impact of whitebark pine mortality on Clark's Nutcracker demography and habitat use"

Taza Schaming
Taza Schaming

Daphna Shaw, University of Florida: "Male parental investment, relatedness, population density and territorial proximity as factors promoting extra-apir paternity in the Northern Mockingbird"


Deborah Visco, Tulane University: "Ontogenetic mortality rates in a Neotropical understory passerine"


Deb Visco
Deb Visco

Kara-Anne Ward , University of Windsor: "Female mate search tactics in Long-tailed Manikins: A novel tracking system for monitoring social interactions"


The Committee received 114 applications for the awards, from North America and eight other countries outside North America.

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