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A New Name for The Wilson Bulletin

After intensive discussions throughout 2003 and at the April 2004 council meeting in Beltsville, Maryland, the Council, officers and editor decided to update the appearance of the journal. We chose a new title: The Wilson Journal of Ornithology. We kept the name Wilson, which honors, Alexander Wilson, the father of American Ornithology, and allows librarians and readers to continue to shelve volumes in the same location. We decided that the term Bulletin is dated or parochial, and agreed that Journal of Ornithology clearly states the subject matter of its contents.

We also chose a new cover design. The changes will not be radical: we will still have a tasteful pale background color and a pen and ink drawing. However, the cover of each of the four issues in the volume will portray a different species named for Wilson (the phalarope, the snipe, the plover and the storm-petrel). The warbler logo, designed by George Mitsch Sutton will also still appear on the cover. Former editor, Jim Sedgwick, has labored to produce a cover worthy of our society, and the Council and I are very pleased with the outcome. We sincerely hope you like the new look, which debuted in the March 2006 issue. We hope that the fresh, newly designed cover will stimulate new interest in the journal. We see these changes as heralding a new era of improved journal quality and timeliness.

~ President Doris Watt, Summer, 2004

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