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Alexander Wilson's American Ornithology was published as a 9 volume work, with hand colored plates. Here are some samples:

Blue Jay, Goldfinch, and Baltimore Oriole, Plate 1.

Carolina Parakeet (now extinct), Plate 26 (also includes Hooded Warbler, Canada Warbler, and Wilson's Warbler), and most of the text of Wilson's experiences (long) with the Carolina Parakeet.

Passenger Pigeon (now extinct), Plate 44 , (also includes "Blue Mountain Warbler" [possibly Cape May] and Hemlock Warbler" [possibly Blackburnian] and the text of the Passenger Pigeon account.

Peregrine Falcon, Plate 76.

American Woodcock and Sora Rail, Plate 48.

Spoonbill and American Avocet, Plate 63.

The color plates are from the 1829 edition published by Colins & Co., New York, and Harrison Hall, Philadelphia.

The texts are from Wilson's American Ornithology, with notes by Jardine, by T. M. Brewer, 1840, Boston: Otis, Broaders, and Company.

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