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These translations of bird papers are held in the Society's library. A more comprehensive list was published in Current Ornithology 1986, vol.4: 243-300. These translations have been added to the library since that list was published. They are available for copying or loan to WOS members. Please contact the librarian for information on copying charges.

In the list below, asterisks indicate translations from the Lucas & Stettenheim USDA Avian Anatomy Project. (We thank Sara Hess for transcription help for these items.)

Argaud, R. 1903. Sur la structure des artres chez les oiseaux. [Concerning the structure of the arteries in birds] Comp. Rend. Assoc. Anat., 90-95. Translation and original.*

Aleksandrova, V.D. 1969. Classification of vegetation. Principles of classification and classification systems of various phytocenological schools. "Nauka" Publishing House. Leningrad. 10pp.

Arutyunyan, P. I. 1963. Contribution to the research of the sesamoid bone of the tibiometatarsal joint in domestic birds. Izv. Akad. Nauk. Arm. SSR Biol. Nauki., 16(6):69-74.*

Assenmacher, I. 1953. Etude Anatomique du System Arterial Cervico-cephalique chez L'oiseaux. . [Study of the anatomy of the arterial cervico-cephalic region of birds].* Arch. Anat. Histol. Embryol., 35(3/8): 181-202. Translation.

Baum, H. 1930. Das Lymphgefass-system des Huhnes. [The Lymphatic System of the Chicken]. Zeitschr. f. d. ges. Anat. I Abt., 93: 1-34. Translation and original.*

Baumann, A. 1938. Sur l'innervation de l'Žbauche pulmonaire au dŽbut du development chez l'homine et le poulet. [Concerning the Innervation of the Pulmonary Buds at the Outset of Development in Man and Fowl]. C. R. Soc. Biol., 11: 3-5. Translation and original.*

Bizzozero, G. and Torre, A. 1881. Ueber die Entstehung und Entwicklung der Rothen Blutkoerperchen. I. Ueber Entstehung und Entwicklung dur rothen Blutkeperchen bei Vogeln. [On the Origin and Development of the Red Blood Corpuscles. I. On the Origin and Development of the Red Blood Corpuscles in Birds]. Moleschott's Unterauch. Z. Nautrlehee d. Menschen u. d. Tiere, 12: 626-652. Translation.*

Bizzozero, G. 1889. Neue untersuchungen uber den bau des knochenmark bei den vogen. [New inquiries into the structure of the bone marrow in birds]. Arch. f. mikr. anat., 35: 424-469. Translation.*

Boas, J. E. V. 1931. Feathers. Section from Handbuch der vergleichenden Anatomie der Wirbeltiere [Handbook of Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates] by Balk, Goppert, Kallius & Lubosch. 29pp.*

Bodrossy, L. A h‡zimadarak vŽna‡s errendszere. [The venous circulation of domestic birds]. Diss. Budapest, 42 pages. Original only.*

Böhm, R. 1962. Beitrag zu den postnatalen VerŠnderungen der lederhaut des Haushuhns (from Czech.). [A contribution to the postnatal changes of the dermis of the hen]. Acta universitatis agriculturae, Brno, 10(31): 95-100. Translation and original.*

Böhm, R. 1963. Das Festgewebe in der Haut des Haushuhns (from Czech.). [The fat tissue in the skin of the hen.] Acta universitatis agriculturae, Brn, 11(32): 437-485. Translation and original.*

Böhm, R. 1964. Zum bau der lederhaut beim Haushun (from Czech.). [The structure of the cutis vera of the hen]. Acta universitatis agriculturae, Brno, 12(33): 351-362. Translation and original.*

Bosch, R. and Angulo, E. 1963. Caractres histologiques particuliers des artres de l'appareil genital de Gallus domesticus. [Peculiar histological character of the arteries of the genital apparatus of Gallus domesticus]. Rec. Med. Vet., 139: 641-645. Translation and original.*

Branca, A. 1907. Recherches sur la keratinisation. I. Le diamant du poulet. II. Le diamant du canard. III. Le diamant, histoire et critique. [Research on keratinization. I. The eggtooth of the chicken. II. The eggtooth of the duck. III. The eggtooth, history and critique]. Journ. Anat. Physiol., 43: 341-501. Translation and original.*

Bratianu, S. and Guerriero, C. 1930. Etude cystophysiologique sur poumon des oiseaux. [Study of the cytophysiology of the lung of the bird]. Bull. d'histologie appliq. physiol. et pathol., 7: 205-219. Translation and original.*

Breusch, E. 1928. BeitrŠge zur blutmorphologie des huhnes. [Contributions to the blood memory of the fowl]. Zeit. f. infektionsk., 33: 219-237. Translation and original.*

Broman, I. 1941. Uber die entstehung und Bedeutung der Embryonaldunen. [Concerning the origin and meaning of the embryonic downs]. Morph. Jahrb., 86(2): 141-217. Translation.*

Bülliar, H. 1926. La brosse du dindon (Meleagris gallopavo L.). Etude morphologique. [The brush of the turkey (Meleagris gallopavo L.). Morphological study]. Bull. l'Assoc. Anat. (21st meeting, 1926). Comp. rendu. Assoc. Anat.: 132-145. Translation and original.*

Burckhardt, J. L. 1912. Ueber das Blutbild bei Huhnertuberkulose und dessen beziehungen zur sogenannten. [On the blood picture in fowl tuberculosis and its relationship to so-called fowl leukemia, with observations on the normal blood of fowls]. Ztschr. f. immun. u. exp. ther., 14: 544-604. Translation and original.*

Campana, A. 1875. Physiologie de la respiration chez les oiseaux anatomie de l'appareil pneumatique-pulmonaire, des faux-diaphragmes, des sŽreuses et de l'intestin chez le poulet. Chap. II. Des Poumons. [The physiology of respiration in birds: Anatomy of the pneumato-pulmonary apparatus, the false diaphragm, the serous tissues and the intestine in birds. Chap. II. The Lungs]. MŽmoirŽ, pp. 24-70 only. Translation and partial original.*

Champy, C. 1926. Quelques faits de l'action de l'hormone sexuelle sur la crte des gallinacŽs. [Several facts of the action of the sex hormone on the comb of the capon]. C. R. Soc. Biol. 94: 311-312. Translation.*

Champy, C. and Demay, M. 1930. Structure et homologie des papilles charnues des rŽgions denudŽes de la tte des gallinaceŽs. [Structure and homology of the fleshy papille of the bare regions of the head of the Gallinaceae.] Bull. soc. zool. France, 55: 410-418. Translation and original.*

Champy, C. and Kritch, N. 1925. Analogie de l'action hormonique des glandes genitales males et femelles sur la crte des GallinacŽs. [Analogy of the hormonal action of the male and female genital glands on the comb of Gallinaceae]. C. R. Acad. Sci. Paris, 180: 957-959. Translation.*

Champy, C. and Kritch, N. 1925.Le tissu muco-Žlastique de la crte du coq, Žactif de l'hormone sexuelle (avec dŽmonstration). [The muco-elastic tissue of the comb of the cock, reactive to sex hormone (with demonstration)]. SociŽtŽ de biologie. Comp. rend., 92: 683-685. Translation and original.*

Champy, C. and Kritch, N. 1926. Etude histologique de la crte des gallinacŽs et de ses variations sous l'influence des facteurs sexuels. [Historical study of the comb of the Gallinaceae and of its variations under the influence of sex factors]. Arch. morph. gŽn. exp., Paris, no. 25: 1-31. Translation and original.*

Clara, M. 1924. Das pankreas der Všgel. [The pancreas of birds]. Anat. Anz. 57: 257-265. Translation and original.*

Clara, M. 1929. Bau und entwicklung des sogenannten fettgewebes beim voegel. [Structure and development of the so-called adipose tissue in the bird]. Zeits. f. Mikrosk.-Anat. Forsch., 19(1): 32-113. Original only.*

Conte, A. 1909. Une variation brusque. Les poules a cou nu. [A sudden variation-bare-necked fowls]. SociŽtŽ de biologie. Comptes rendus 66: 255-257. Translation.* Conte, A. 1910. Les poules ˆ cou nu. [Bare-necked fowls]. C.R. Assoc. franc. Av. Sci. 38: 711-712. Translation.*

Cordier, R. 1964. Neurophysiologie.-Sur la double innveration des cellules sensorielles dans l'organe de Corti du Pigeon. [Neurophysiology.-On the double innervation of the sensory cells in the pigeon's organ of Corti]. C.R. Acad. Sc. Paris, 258: 6238-6240. Translation and original.*

Cords, E. 1904. BeitrŠge zur lehre von kopfmervensystem der všgel. [Contributions to the theory of the cranial nerve system of birds]. Anatomische hefte I. Abteilung, 78 Heft(26 Bd. H. 1): 49-100. Translation and original.*

Curasson, M.G. and Andrejesky, P. 1929. Sur les Òcorpes de BalfourÓ du sang la poule. [On the Balfour Bodies of the Blood of the Fowl]. Bull. soc. de pathologie exotique, 22: 316-318. Translation and original.*

Dantschakoff, V. 1907. Uber das erste aureten der blutelemente im hŸhnerembryo. [On the first emergence of the blood elements in the embryo of the fowl]. Folia Haematol., 4(Suppl. 2): 159-166. Translation and original.*

Dantschakoff, V. 1908. Untersuchungen uber die entwickelung des blutes und bindegewebes bei den vogeln. [Studies in the development of blood and connective tissue in birds]. Anat., hefts 37Ó 471-589. Translation and original.*

Dantschakoff, V. 1909. Untersuchungen uber die entwicklung von blut und bindegewebe bie vogeln. [Research into the development of blood and connective tissue in birds]. Arch. Mikroskop., 73: 117-118. Translation and original.*

Dantschakoff, V. 1909. †ber die entwicklung des knochenmarks bei den všgeln und Ÿber dessen verŠnderungen. [Concerning the development of the bone marrow of birds and concerning their transformations in blood withdrawing and nutrition storing]. Arch. f. mikio. anat., 74: 855-926. Translation and original.*

Dastre, M. 1886. îbservation a propos des dosages de glucose dans le sang, dans le foi des mammiferes et dans l'oeuf des oiseaux. [Observations regarding proportions of glucose in the blood, in the liver of mammals, and in the egg of birds]. Societe de biologie. Comptes rendus hebdomadaires, 38: 605-606. Translation.*

Davids, J.A.G. 1953. Etude sur les attaches au cr‰ne des muscles de la tte et du cou chez Anas platyrhyncha platyrhyncha (L.). [Study on the attachments to the cranium of the muscles of the head and the neck for Anas platyrhyncha platyrhyncha (L.)]. Koninkl. Nederl. Akad. van Wetenschappen-Amserdam. Proc., Ser. C, 55: 81-94, 525-540. Translation and original.*

Deelman, H.T. 1920. Contribution ˆ la connaissancede la dermatomŽrie chez les oiseaux. [Contribution to the Knowledge of Dermatomeria in Birds]. Arch. neer. sci., 4: 477-586. Translation and original.*

Delorenzi, E. 1932. Numero e grandezza delle cellule dei gangli spinali di pollo. [Number and size of cells of the spinal ganglia of the fowl in various individuals and in two antimers of the same subject]. Bull. Histol. appl. physiol. et path., 9: 145-152. Translation and original.*

Dementiev, G. P. et al. 1948. Guide to the Birds of the USSR (or Handbook for Identification of the Birds of the USSR). Gos. Izd. "Sov. Nauk.," Moscow; pp. 1-449. Pp 120-129, Order Alcae or Alciformes. 14 p.

Denys, J. 1887. La Structure de la moelle des os et la genese du sang. [The structure of the marrow of the bones and the origin of blood in birds]. La Cellule Recueil de Cytologie et D'Histologie gen., pp. 202-240. Translation and original.*

Dettmer, N. 1952. Elektronenmikrokopische untersuschung der elastischen fasern im flŸgelband der taube und ihre beziehung zum Ÿbrigen bindegewebe. [Electron microsopical study of the elastic fibers in the wing ligament of the pigeon and their relationship to the other connective tissue]. Zeitsch. f. Zellforsch. u. mikroskop. Anat., 37: 89-100. Translation and original.*

Dogliotti, G. C. 1929. Ricerche istologiche e sperimentali sul tessuto adipose degli uccelli. [Histological and experimental research on the adipose tissue of birds]. Ztschr. f. Zellforsch. u. mikr. Anat. 9: 332-345. Translation and original.*

Doljanski, L. and Koch, O. 1933. Das blutserum als h‘moglobinotoxischer faktor. [Blood serum as a hemoglobinotoxic factor]. Virchow's arch. f. path. anat., 291: 401-409. Translation and original.*

Dreyfuss, A. 1937. L'innervation de la plume. [The innervation of the feather]. Arch. zool. exp. et gŽn. Notes et Rev. 79: 30-42. Translation and original.*

Driesen, H.-H. 1955. [Feathers under the microscope]. Mikroskosmos 44(9):196-202. Translation and original.*

Ebert, J. 1967. Peregrine Falcon carries egg from nest. On the alleged reduction in clutch size of the central-European Peregrine, Falco p. peregrinus Gmel. Zool. Abh. Staatl. Mus. Tierk. Dresden 29(6):65-69.

Eckhard, C. 1876. Uber die Erection der Všgel. [Concerning erection in birds]. Beitrage zur Anatomie und Physiologie 7:117-125. Translation and original.*

Einbrodt. 1859. †ber den Einfluss d

er Nervi Vagi auf die Herbewegung bei Všgeln. [Concerning the Influence of the Nervi Vagi on Heart Movement with Birds]. Arch. FŸr Anatomie und Physiologie, 439-459. Translation.*

Elkner, A. and Slonimski, P. 1927. Sur le tissu conjonotif de la crte du coq adulte. [On the connective tissue of the comb of the adult cock]. Bull. hist. appl. physiol. et path., 4: 263-278. Translation and original.*

Elkner, A. and Slonimski, P. 1930. A propos de la critique du travail d'Elkner et Slonimski: ÒSur le tissu conjonctif de la crte du coq adulte,Ó faite par MM. Champy, Kritch et Llombart. [On the criticism of the work of Elkner and Slonimski : ÒOn the connective tissue of the comb of the adult cockÓ done by Mssrs. Champy, Kritch, and Llombart]. Bull. d'histol. appliquee ˆ physiol., Lyon, 7: 257-263. Translation and original.*

Encke, F.-W. 1965. Clutch size, hatching success and fledgling success of the House Sparrow in relation to habitat and breeding period. Beitr. z. Vogelkunde, 10:268-287. 14 pp.

Fehringer, O. 1912. Untersuchungen Ÿber die anordnungsverhŠltnisse der vogelfedern, insbesondere der fadenfedern. [Studies in regard to the conditions of the avian feather arrangement, in particular of the filoplumes]. Zool. Jahrb., 33: 213-247. Translation and original.*

Ferrein, A. 1753. Sur la structure des visceres glanduleux, et particulirement sur celle des reins et du foie. [On the structure of the glandular viscera and particularly that of the kidneys and liver]. Acad. sci. Paris. Memoires, 1749: 92-104. Translation and original.*

Firket, J. 1911. Recherches sur la genŽse des fibrilles Žpidermiques chez le poulet. [Research on the genesis of epidermal fibrils in the chicken]. Anat. Anz., 38; 537-549. Translation and original.*

Freund, L. 1926. Besondere bildungen im mikroskopischen aufbau der vogehaut. [Special formations in the microscopic structure of the avian skin]. Zool. Anz., 31st Assem. Beutsch. Gesell. E.V. at Kiel (1926): pp. 153-158. Translation and original.*

Fritsoh, G. 1920. Das blut der haustiere mit meuren methoden untersuoht. II. Unterschung des kaninchen--, hŸhner--, and taubenblutes. [The blood of domestic animals studied by newer methods. II. Studies in rabbit, chicken, and pigeon blood.] Arch. ges. Physiol., 181: 78-105. Translation and original.*

Fritzsche, K. 1938. Versuche zur erforschung und Bekampfung der Marekschen Huehnerlaehme. I. Versuche Ÿber die ausscheidung desk hŸhnerlahmevirus mit dem kot und Ÿber die naturliche infektionsweise. II. Versuch uber die brauchbarkeit des Paaparates Therapeksi zur bekampfung der huehnerlaehme. [Experiments in Research and control of Marek's Fowl Paralysis. I. Experiment concerning the excretion of the virus of fowl paralysis with the dung, and concerning the mode of natural infection. II.Experiment in the usefulness of the Therapeski Preparation in the control of Fowl Paralysis.] Zeitschr. Infekt. -Krankh. der Haustiere, 52:51-69, 124-127. Translation.*

Fritzsche, K. 1939. Ubertragbarkeit der Marekschen Huehnerlaehmung. [Transmissibility of Marek's fowl paralysis]. Seventh World's Poultry Conv. Proceedings, 7: 289-291. Translation.*

Fritzsche, K. 1942. Die bedeutung der pupillen- und irisverŠnderungen beim huhn. [The significance of pupillary and iridic changes in chicken]. Z. infekt. krank. u. hyg-haustiere, 58: 5-60. Translation and original.*

Fujioka, T. 1954. [Studies on the appearance of ossification centers and their growth in the mandible of the fowl, particularly, on the presence of gonial (from Japanese)]. Acta Anat. Nip., 29(3): 229-232. Translation.*

FŸrbringer, M. 1888. Untersuchungen zur morphologie und systematik der všgel. II. Allgemeiner Teil. [Studies and contribution regarding the morphology and systematic of the birds. II. Common Part] T.S. Van Hokema, Amsterdam, pp. 692-700 only. Translation.*

Ganfini, C. 1930. Sulla origine degli elementi che formano la bolla gelatinosa del midollo lombo-sacrale degi uccelli. [On the origin of the elements which form the gelatinous swelling of the lumbar-sacral marrow of birds]. Riv. Sper. Freniat. 54: 484-499. Translation and original.*

Gerbe, M.Z. 1877. Sur les plumes du vol et leur mue. [On feathers of flight and their molting]. Bull. d. Soc. Zool. d. France, 2: 289-291. Translation and original.*

Gerber, A. 1939. Die embryonale und post embryonale pterlyose der Alectoromorphae. [On the embryonic and postembryonic pterlyosis of the Alectoromorphae]. Revue Suisse de Zoologie 46(7): 161-324. Translation.*

Goeldi, E. 1894-1900. As Aves do Brasil. Pp. 1-83 only. 76pp.

Gohs, W. 1933-34. Uber die wirkung arteigener knochen und knochen-markzerfallsstoffe auf die knochenund blutbildung der huhner. [On the effect of particular products of the decay of bone and bone marrow on the formation of bone and marrow in the fowl]. Ztschr. f. Path., 46: 453-476. Translation and original.*

Golliez, R. 1967. Beitrag zur Pterylose von Melopsittacus undulatus Shaw mit besonderer Berucksichtigung der Filoplumae. Verhandl. Naturf. Ges. Basel 78(2): 315-364. 36 p, and pdf of original.

Gomot, L. 1958. Interaction ectoderme-mŽsoderme dans la formation des invaginations uropygiennes des oiseaux. [Ectodermal-mesodermal interactions on the formations of the uropygial invagination in birds]. J. Embryol. Exp. Morphol., 6(1): 162-170. Translation and original.*

Gomot, L. 1959. Contribution a l'etude du developpement embryonnaire de la gland uropygienne chez le canard. [Contribution to the study of the embryonic development of the Uropygial gland in the duck]. Arch. Anat. Micros. Morphol. Expt. 48(1), Suppl.: 63-141. Translation.*

Grasse, P. 1950. La glande uropygienne. [The uropygial gland]. Traiteede Zoologie Anatomie-Systematique-Biologie, 15:Oiseaux: 285-289. Translation.*

Greite, W. 1934. Die strukturbildung der vogelfeder und ihre pigmentierung durch melanine. [The structure formation of the bird feather and its pigmentation by melanin]. Zeitschr. f. Wiss. Zool., 145: 283-335. Translation and original.*

Greschick, E. 1916. A mad‡rbšr szšvettamn‡hoz. A meggyv‡ag— Žs a h‡zi verŽb bšre. [Zur histologie der vogelhaut. Die haut des kernbeissers und haussperlings. (from Hungarian)]. [The histology of the bird's skin. The skin of the finch and the domestic sparrow.]. Aquila 22: 69-88, 89-110. Translation and original.*

Greschik, J. 1912. Mikroskopische anatomie des enddarmes der všgel. (from Hungarian) [Microscopic anatomy of the rectum of the bird]. Aquila 19: 210-269. Translation and original.*

Greschik, J. 1923. Paneth-fele sejtek es alapjukon szemcses sejtek a madarak vekonybeleben. [Ueber Paneth'sche zellen und basalgekornte zellen in dunndarm der vogel. (from Hungarian)]. [On Paneth's cells and basal granulated cells in the small intestine of birds]. Aquila 29: 143-155. Translation and original.*

Groebbels, F. 1932. Die bŸrzeldrŸse. [The uropygial gland]. in: Der Vogel [The Bird]. Berlin: Gebruder Borntraeger, 1: 838-846, 895. Translation and original.*

Gurlt, E.F. 1849. Anatomie der hausvšgel. [Anatomy of domestic birds]. August Hirschwald, Berlin: 94 pp. Translation and original.*

Hafferl, A. 1933. Das arteriensystem. [Arterial system]. in; handbuch der vergleichenden anatomie der Wirbeltiere. Vol. 6, eds. Bolk, L., Gšppert, E., Kallis, and Lubosch, W. Urban & Schwarzenberg, Berlin: 563-588. Translation and original.*

Hampl, A. 1957. Prispevek k topografii podocnicove dutiny kura domaciho. [Topographical anatomy of the suborbital cavity of the domestic fowl]. Sbornik Vysoke Skoly Zemed. Brne. B. Spisy Fak. Vet., 5(1): 23-29. Translation and original.*

Heidrich, K. 1908. Die mund- und schlundkopfhšhle der všgel und ihre drŸsen. [The oronpharyngial cavities of birds and their glands]. Morph. Jahrb. 37: 10-69. Translation and original.*

Heine, F. 1936. Phagozytoseversuche am hŸhnerembryo. [Phagocytosis experiments on the chick embryo]. Archiv fuer entwicklungsmechanik der organismen, 134: 283-293. Translation and original.*

Heller, F. 1959. Ein dritter Archaeopteryx-fund aus den Solnhofener plattenkalken von Langensaltheim/Mfr. [A third Archaeopteryx discovery in the calcerous layers of solnhofen in langenaltheim/mfr.] Erlanger geol. Abh., 31: 1-25. Translation and original.*

Heller, F. 1960. Der dritte Archaeopteryx-fund aus den Solnhofener plattenkalken des oberen Malm Frankens. [The third Archaeopterx-finding from the Solnhorener flat limestone or the upper Malm Franken]. Jour. f. Ornith. 101: 7-28. Translation and original.*

Helm, A.F. 1886. Die hautmuskeln der vogel. [The skin musculature in birds.] in: Deutsch Vogelwelt, Ornithologische Monatsch., pp. 295-301, 337-341. Translation and original.*

Hempel, M. 1931. Die abhŠngigkeit der federstruktur von der kšrperregion. [The relationship of feather structure to the region of the body]. Jenaische Zeitschr. Naturwiss.. 65: 659-738. Translation and original.*

Heringa, G.C. and Weidinger, A. 1940. Onderzoekingen over den bow en de beteekenis van het bindweefsel. [Investigation into the structure and significance of connective tissue]. Neder. Tijd. Geneeskunde, 84: 4907-4917. Translation and original.*

Heinroth, O. 1911. Beitrage zur Biologie, namentlich Ethologie und Psychologie der Anatiden. Proc. Fifth International Ornithological Congress, Berlin, 1910, p. 589-702. Translated by Paul A. Johnsgard, 1956. 132 p.

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Kaiser, L. 1924. L'innervation segmentale de la peau chez le pigeon (Columba livia var domestica). [Segmental innervation of the skin of the pigeon]. Arch. neerland. Physiol. 9: 299-379. Translation and original (2 folders).*

Kasarinoff, D. 1910. Experimentelle blutuntersuchungen bei všgeln. Folia haematol. 10, teil 1: 391-413. Original only.*

Keller, C. Vergleichende zellen- und kermessungen bei grossen und kleinen hŸhnerrassen zur prŸfung der genetisch bedingten wuchsuntershiede. Zugleich ein beitrag zur frage des rhythmischen wachstums der kerne. [Comparative cellular and nuclear measurements in large and small breeds of fowls as a test of genetically conditioned differences of growth.At the same time a report in the question of rhythmical growth of the nucleus]. Zeit. Wiss. Biol. Abt. B. Zeit. Zellforsch. u. Mikrosk. Anat., 19: 510-536. Translation and original.*

Kern, A. 1926. Das vogelherz. Untersuchungen an Gallus domesticus briss. [The heart of the bird. Studies on Gallus domesticus briss.] Gegenbaurs Moph. Jahrb., 56: 264-315. Translation and original.*

Kihara, T. and Naito, E. 1933.Ueberden einlargerungs= und verbreitungsmodus des lymphatischen gewebes im lyphgefŠssystem der ente. [On the mode of embedding and distribution of the lymphatic network in the lymphatic system of the duck]. Folia Anat. Jap., 11: 405-413. Translation and original.*

Kisselera, Z.N. 1937. [A comparative study of the structure of the nasal cavities of birds (from Russian)]. Proc. Acad. Sci. USSR, 1: 195-196. Translation.*

Klein, M. 1932. Sur la diffŽrenciation d'ŽlŽments tactiles dans le nŽvrome d'amputation des nerfs du bec de canard. [On the differentiation of tactile elements in the nevrome of amputation of the nerves of teh beak of the duck]. Arch. Anat. Hist. et Emb., 14: 267-300. Translation and original.*

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