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The Wilson Journal of Ornithology / Wilson Bulletin has been very lucky to have had a number of outstanding bird artists and photographers provide works for color plates. Generally there is one color frontispiece per issue. These usually are related to the lead article. Some are true works of art, and some illustrate various plumages; some are paintings and some are photos.

Lists of frontispieces have been published in these articles:

  • Parkes (1963), covering up to 1962 (pdf)
  • Parkes (1988), covering 1963-1987 (pdf)

Below are links to a sample of some of the frontispieces that have appeared in The Wilson Journal of Ornithology / Wilson Bulletin, listed with information on the accompanying article.

Great Curassow-G. Sutton; "Great Curassow," by G. M. Sutton, 67(2):75-77, 1955.

White-crested Coquette Hummingbird-D. Eckleberry; "Life History of the White-crested Coquette Hummingbird," by A. F. Skutch, 73(1):5-10, 1961.

Violet-headed Hummingbird-D. Eckleberry; "Life history of the Violet-headed Hummingbird," by A. F. Skutch, 70(1):5-19, 1958.

Maroon-bellied Parakeet-D. Eckleberry; "A note on the parrots of northeastern Argentina," by D. R. Eckleberry, 77(2):111, 1965.

Black-throated Trogon-D. Eckleberry; "Life History of the Black-throated Trogon," by A. F. Skutch, 71(1):5-18, 1959.

El Oro Parakeet-W. Cooper; "Pyrrhura orcesi, a new parakeet from southwestern Ecuador, with systemnatic notes on the P. melanura complex," by R. S. Ridgely and M. B., Robbins, 100(2):173-182, 1988,

Monkey-eating Eagle-J. O'Neill; "Notes on the biology and population status of the Monkey-eating Eagle of the Philippines," by R. S. Kennedy, 89(1):1-20, 1977.

Plumages of Bald Eagles-M. McCollough; "Molting sequence and aging of Bald Eagles," by M. McCullough, 101(1):4-10, 1989.

Mourning Warbler x Common Yellowthroat-D. Sibley; "A hybrid Oporornis philadelphia X Geothlypis trichas, with comments on the taxonomic interpretation and evolutionary significance of intergeneric hybridization," by A. H. Bledsoe, 100(1):1-8, 1988.

Band-tailed Manakin-F. Bennett, Jr.; "The display repertoire of the Band-tailed Manakin (Pipra fasciicauda)," by M. B. Robbins, 95(3):321-342, 1983.

Golden-winged Manakin-P. Donahue; "Display behavior, foraging ecology, and systematics of the Golden-winged Manakin (Masius chrysopterus), " by R. O. Prum and A. E. Johnson, 99(4):521-539. 1987.

Mourning Warbler-H. Harrison; "A life history of the Mourning Warbler," by G. W. Cox, 72(1):5-28, 1960

Magellanic Oystercatcher; "Displays of the Magellanic Oystercatcher (Haematopus leucopodus)," by E. H. Miller and A. J. Baker, 92(2):149-168, 1980.

Yucatan Jay-N. Halliday; "Behavioral ecology of the Yucatan Jay," by R. J. Raitt and J. W. Hardy, 88(4):527-554, 1976.

Red-headed Parrot-Finch-G. Sandstrom; "Notes from Western Samoa, including the description of a new Parrot-finch (Erythrura)," by J. E. du Pont, 84(4):375-376, 1972.

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