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Birding Localities near Hobart & William Smith Colleges

All driving directions start at Route 20 and Pulteney St. (Note that Route 20 is also known locally as Routes 5&20.)

Northwest (map)

Ontario Pathways-Phelps: passerines. This section of rail trail runs along Flint Creek making the habitat appealing to a variety of species. Turn left onto Route 20; continue 1.31 miles to Pre-emption Road (County Rd. 6). Turn right onto Pre-emption Rd; continue 6.25 miles to State Route 96. Turn left onto SR96; continue straight through the village of Phelps. The trail head is on the left .9 miles past the intersection with Route 88. Look for a split rail fence, kiosk and parking area.

Ontario Pathways-Orleans: passerines. Turn left onto Route 20. In 1.31 miles, turn right onto Pre-Emption Rd./County Rd. 6, (Tractor Supply on corner). Continue 4.06 miles to County Rd 23/McIvor Rd. Turn left onto CR23/McIvor Rd, following CR23 5.10 miles to the hamlet of Orleans. After going over Flint Creek, turn right on Waddell Rd., and park immediately on the right. Cross CR23 and walk south, past the gate and onto the trail.

Ontario Pathways-Cedar Swamp: passerines. The first part of this section is hedgerow between agricultural fields; look for sparrows. The trail eventually goes through a swamp, and later, woods. Turn left onto Route 20. Continue 1.31 miles miles, turn right onto Pre-emption Rd/County Rd. 6, (Tractor Supply on corner). Continue 8.6 miles to Gifford Rd. [At Route 96, Pre-emption Rd./CR6 follows Rt. 96 to the right and then a quick left.] Turn left on Gifford Rd.; continue 2.63 miles, past Marbletown Rd., to a parking area on the right.

Northeast (map)

Seneca Lake State Park: While SLSP is east of HWS, map details are best observed on the Southwest Map. See that map and description.

Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge-Visitor Center: passerines, shorebirds, raptors, esp. Cerulean Warbler, Bald Eagle, Osprey. Due to the current habitat management project, there are only limited opportunities to view shorebirds, waders and waterfowl near the Visitor Center. Inquire there for more information. Turn right onto Route 20; continue 16 miles to the entrance on the left. Look for a brown sign.

MNWR-South Spring Pool: passerines, waders, raptors. Turn right onto Route 20; continue 14.3 miles to Route 89. Turn left on Route 89; continue 1.5 miles to parking area on left, just past Lay Rd.

MNWR-Esker Brook Trails: passerines. Turn right onto Route 20; continue 14.3 miles to Route 89. Turn left onto Route 89; continue .7 miles to E. Tyre Rd; turn left. Continue 1.33 miles on E. Tyre Rd, passing Lay Rd., to parking area on the right.

MNWR-Tschache (shockey) Pool: waterfowl, waders, gulls/terns, esp. Black Tern. Turn right onto Route 20; continue 14.3 miles to Route 89. Turn left onto Route 89; continue 2.87 miles to parking area on the left after going under the NYS Thruway. Look for a kiosk and observation tower.

MNWR-May's Point Pool: passerines, waterfowl, waders, gulls/terns, raptors, esp. Cerulean Warbler along the road. Turn right onto Route 20; continue 14.3 miles to Route 89. Turn left onto Route 89; continue 3.36 miles to May's Point Rd. Turn right onto May's Point Rd. Immediately look for observation platform on right opposite parking area on left; also roadside parking.

MNWR-Montezuma Audubon Center: passerines, shorebirds, waders, and waterfowl. Sandhill Crane is seen here. Visitor center with exhibit area, nature store, viewing platform, wooded trail. Turn right onto Route 20; continue 14.3 miles to Route 89. Turn left onto Route 89; continue 11.6 miles, passing through the village of Savannah, to Montezuma Audubon Center on the left.

Southwest (map)

Bare Hill Unique Area: passerines. Walk down the right fork of the jeep road to a point where you can see a spectacular view of Canandaigua Lake-Blue-wing, Chestnut-sided, Hooded and Prairie Warblers are seen here. Then return to the kiosk and take the left fork for as long as time allows. Shrubs on the left in the beginning are good for Blue-wing, Black and White, Scarlet Tanager, Eastern Towhee. Turn left onto Route 20; continue 1.46 miles to Route 14A/245. Follow Route 245 for 14.5 miles to Railroad Ave. in Rushville .Turn right; Railroad Ave. becomes Town Line Rd. continue on Town Line Rd 3.39 miles to Bare Hill Rd. Turn left onto Bare Hill Rd.; continue 1 mile to Van Epps Rd. Turn right. Continue .33 miles to parking area at the end.

Glenwood Cemetery: passerines. A good place for a quick walk nearby. You may spot the final resting place of Elon Howard Eaton, former biology professor at HWS Colleges and author of the 2-volume Birds of New York, 1910. Drive south on Pulteney St. through campus to Jay St. Turn left and continue to Route 14. Turn right onto Rt. 14. Watch for the cemetery entrance on the right in .25 miles.

Seneca Lake State Park: waterfowl, gulls. Turn right onto Route 20. Continue 1.7 miles to the park entrance on the right.

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